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A free PK-12 school of choice located in Westminster, CO

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The Academy Pre-Kindergarten program's philosophy is to provide children with a variety of experiences to allow them to develop kindergarten readiness skills. We are focused on helping children become independent and self-sufficient learners. We highly value children developing self- regulatory skills and positive social skills. This enables them to become socially and academically competent. The Academy Pre-K uses an integrated storybook curriculum as the base for lessons which align with State Pre-K standards and Early Learning Developmental Guidelines. Our curriculum includes instruction in all basic academic areas including science, math, reading, writing and language development as well as developmental areas such as independence, social/emotional and reasoning skills. We also follow two programs (Young Athletes & Funsical Fitness) used to help young children develop motor skills and coordination.

The Academy's Pre-Kindergarten program has achieved the highest rating available in the state quality and improvement monitoring system called Colorado Shines. A Colorado Shines rating is a symbol of quality. The Colorado Shines rating is a guarantee to families that our program is licensed, in good standing, and meets basic health and safety standards. Colorado Shines rates the quality of Colorado’s early learning programs, on a scale of 1 to 5, based on how well the program accomplished the following:   

  • Supports children’s health and safety

  • Ensures staff are well-trained and effective

  • Provides a supportive learning environment that teaches children new skills

  • Helps parents become partners in their child’s learning

  • Demonstrates good leadership and business practices

We have been rated a level 5 and have held that rating for 8 years. Our program is designed to prepare students for success specifically in The Academy’s kindergarten program while developing a love of learning. Our curriculum aligns with the Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines, including a focus on self-regulatory skills, independence and personal/social skills. We offer two full-day, tuition-based classrooms that can enroll up to 40 four year-olds.

Please contact our Pre-K Director, Amy Jackson, for more information:

Pre-K Student on the Playground
Pre-K Student on the Playground
Pre-K Students Reading in the Classroom