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A free PK-12 school of choice located in Westminster, CO

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Middle School

The Academy’s Middle School supports the journey of each individual as they successfully transition into adolescence. We do this by creating a safe, inclusive, and productive environment supported by a strong community and excellent relationships. Individual classroom walls and boundaries of a single content area are blurred through complex, thematic units that integrate language arts, science, and social studies. Teachers guide the math experience by choosing instruction that favors collaboration, discussion, and movement. Students are invited to use both hands and minds while grappling with real-world issues. A diverse offering of electives, service learning, outdoor education, clubs, and competitive sports allow students to explore their sense of self within the world. Leadership opportunities, portfolios, and events celebrating the work of thematic units empower students to lead their education.  

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Athletics

The athletics program in our middle school grades is intended to be a part of students' overall developmental experience. Student athletes are taught how to work hard and experience the satisfaction that goes with giving their best in whatever they do. The Athletic Department at The Academy emphasizes the importance of discipline, class, professionalism, sportsmanship, and effort. Team concept will be taught and practiced. A sense of community will be fostered throughout this process, allowing students to respect and support one another.

Our philosophy is to allow students a chance to develop athletic skills while providing a competitive climate at the same time. We want our students to show outstanding character while participating in athletics. Coaches, players, and parents should be exemplary role models for others. Athletic programs should also promote positive school spirit and provide an additional source of self-esteem for our students.

Middle School Sports Offered