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A free PK-12 school of choice located in Westminster, CO

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Safety & Security

North Campus Building

Closed Campus

The Academy is a CLOSED CAMPUS. Students are not permitted to leave campus. Parents must sign their student out in the Attendance Office to take them off campus during school hours. Students may not sign themselves out or leave campus except as provided for under the section “Procedures for Early Dismissals.”

The sole exception to this rule: Seniors who have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and Juniors who have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average may leave campus for lunch with parent permission.  Off-campus lunch for any student, other than seniors or juniors who qualify, must have a parent/guardian physically sign the student out.  No emails or phone calls are allowed.

*The Academy will no longer accept food and beverage deliveries that originate from outside eating establishments. Any lunch being dropped off will not be delivered to the classroom/cafeteria.  Please notify your student to pick up deliveries in the office, during passing period.  All items not picked by the end of the day will be thrown away.


State and federal laws mandate that all visitors and parents must report to the main school office upon entering the building. Part of providing a safe environment for students includes keeping children safe. This will be accomplished through the following ways:

●      All parents and visitors must sign in at the main office when entering the school.

●      All parents and visitors must leave their valid driver’s license when checking in to the building, and they must wear an identifying badge while at the school.  Those not here on official business will be asked to leave the premises.

●      Our school utilizes scanning software to verify that there are no individual criminal concerns that might jeopardize school safety.

●      Classroom visits by parents/guardians must be approved by the principal (please provide 24-hour notice) to observe a teacher to avoid disruption of the learning environment.

●      For security reasons, parents will be notified if a student is absent and the parent has not notified the school.

●      The school grounds will be supervised before and after school while students are arriving and departing.

●      Siblings and Preschool children are not allowed to accompany parents when they volunteer in the classroom. Children who are not Academy students are considered visitors and must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times. Potential Academy parents may observe a class.


Visitors who fail to abide by visitor guidelines for visitors may be asked to leave school property and may be subject to future restrictions regarding school visits.  Law enforcement may also be contacted.