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Parking Permit Form

North Campus Building

Click the link below to download the Secondary Parking Permit form.

Parking Permit Form

All students will park in the east/back lot, and staff and visitors will park in the west/front lot from the hours of 6:45am to 3:45pm. Our goal is to keep students from parking in the adjoining neighborhood, thereby promoting safety and a positive relationship with our neighbors. 
All students’ vehicles parked on campus must be registered through the school and have a parking permit. There is no cost for the parking permit. To register your vehicle, you must provide a current registration form, current proof of insurance, copy of your driver’s license, and a completed registration form with all information complete and accurate. You will then receive a permit and an assigned parking space. Students who have an assigned spot are required to park in their assigned space.  
Students will park in the east/back parking lot in assigned spaces during the school day. The west/front lot is reserved for staff and visitors. At 3:45 p.m. each day, the parking lot is OPEN for event parking. Parking is a privilege and can be revoked for any harmful or offensive behavior at any Academy event or during the regular school day. Although this action is typically temporary, it could become permanent if the student does not choose to modify unacceptable behavior patterns. 
When there is a reason to believe that the safety of students is threatened or there is a reasonable belief that the vehicle contains a violation of law, the administration reserves the right to search any vehicle without warning and to seize items in violation of student policy and State law. The Academy assumes no liability for damage to or theft from vehicles parked on school grounds. 
Students will not be allowed access to their vehicles during the school day, including lunchtime, without administrator approval. Students may not sit in parked vehicles or loiter in the parking lots during school hours or at school activities. Visiting students may not loiter in the parking lots. The driver of a vehicle is responsible for anyone sitting in their car at any time. 
Students may lose their parking privileges for the following violations or any violations listed on the parking permit contract that was signed when you obtained your permit: 
•    Not parking in your assigned space. 
•    Driving carelessly or recklessly. 
•    Sitting or loitering in a vehicle. 
•    Not parking between the lines indicating parking spaces in the lot. 
•    Parking in the fire lanes or other “No Parking” areas, including the red curbs. 
•    Blocking traffic. 
•    Parking in handicapped spaces without a permit. 
•    Having an unregistered vehicle on campus or not displaying the assigned parking permit. 
•    Littering. 
•    Failing to follow the Graduated Driver’s License Law. 
•    Duplication of or allowing another student to use a valid parking permit. 
•    Decorating a parking space. 
Students will receive a warning for the first violation of any kind. Thereafter, violations will result in tickets of $5 for the second violation, $10 for the third and all subsequent violations during any calendar school year. Outstanding, unpaid parking violation fines will be added to your end-of-year student fees, if not paid when issued. If persistent violations occur, parking permits may be revoked for the remainder of the year. In addition, students could face disciplinary consequences and be issued a ticket by the Westminster Police Department.