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Health Clinic

A health aide staffs the School Health Office and provides minor first aid to those students who become sick or injured while at school, administers prescribed medications, and maintains health records. Other designated staff may provide coverage in the health office when the health aide is not in the office. A school nurse (RN) oversees the health office and staff providing care in the health office. The school nurse is not on site on a daily basis.
The Health Inventory Form should be completed for each new student enrolled during the school year; the form should be updated if there are changes for current students. Students with any medical condition must complete a Health Inventory Form each year while attending The Academy.  
The Health Inventory Form does not require a physician’s signature and is not considered a Physical Form. Therefore, please do not confuse it with the Physical Form. The Physical Form needs to be turned in to the Athletic Department.  

Please be advised that: 
●    Immunization requirements will be strictly enforced for all school children. 
●    Children who do not meet the requirements listed below will be denied admission to school, according to current Colorado Revised Statutes. All students must submit a completed Certificate of Immunization or Exemption upon enrollment. 
You must provide one of the following to the School as provided within the law: 
1.    An Up-to-Date Certificate of Immunization from a licensed physician or authorized representative of the Department of Health or your local Health department certifying that your child has received immunization against communicable diseases as specified by the State Health department; or 
2.    Completed Certificate of Completion of the Online Education Module 
3.    Completed Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption 
4.    Certificate of Medical Exemption 

To read more about immunization requirements visit the CDPHE website.

Generally, children do not need to take medication during the school day. However, when your doctor prescribes a prescription or over-the-counter medication that must be taken at school, the following steps MUST BE followed for the safety of your child and the other children in school (this policy is based on State Health department rules/regulations). Students at our North Campus are not allowed to self carry, and no student is allow to self carry controlled meds.

Click here to read the full information regarding medications at school. Please note that the clinic does not stock over-the-counter medications to give out to students, including but not limited to ibuprofen, cough syrup, and cough drops.

Chapstick is a preventative product and does not fall under the Medication Policy. Students may bring this item for their personal use ONLY.  

Vision and hearing screening is mandated for all students in kindergarten, first, second, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh grades, for all new to the school students, and for any child with a suspected deficiency. This screening does not include extensive testing; but if a deficiency is found, parents are contacted and advised to arrange for a more complete evaluation. 

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school, the student will be seen in the health clinic, and the health aide will determine if your child needs to go home. Students not feeling well or with minor injuries may rest in the health office for 10-20 minutes. If their condition requires further rest or attention, you or your child’s emergency contact will be called to pick up your child. It is essential that you keep the school informed of any change in address and/or telephone numbers. The guardian or designated adult must sign out the child leaving school. The parent/guardian or emergency contact must bring a valid ID when picking up a student at any time. If your child drives, walks, or rides a bus to school and needs to go home, you must contact the front office/administration with a statement saying that it is OK for your child to go home. If your child is in an emergency situation at school, we will take the appropriate action to get your child immediate care by medical professionals. 
Parents should not send a child to school if he/she is not feeling well or has a fever of 100.4 or higher, is vomiting, or has diarrhea. A child who does not feel well cannot benefit from instruction. A sick child also endangers his/her own health and the health of his/her classmates and teachers. 
If your child is seriously injured or ill at school and requires care beyond the facilities of the school, emergency medical services (911) will be called to treat and/or transport your child to a medical facility. The school will attempt to reach you or your child’s emergency contact. The school assumes no financial responsibility for expenses incurred if 911 is called and your child is transported to a medical facility. 

The Academy recognizes that some students may be diagnosed with potentially life-threatening food allergies. The Academy meets state law requirements concerning the management of food allergies and anaphylaxis among students. The Academy encourages parents to keep a supply of the prescribed medication used to treat the food allergy/anaphylaxis at school, unless the student has an approved treatment plan that authorizes the student to carry the medication with him/her and can self-administer the medication. A food allergy/anaphylaxis health-care plan must be developed with the school’s RN. Please contact the level principal to start the plan process. If an Allergy and Asthma Action Plan is needed, a form must be completed and signed by the health care provider and the parent/guardian. 

If you have questions about when to keep your child home, you can refer to the Student Illness guide or call your school health aide. 

Due to the many dietary restrictions of our students, the clinic staff does not give out snacks to students.

You can reach the clinic staff in the following ways: