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Dress Code

The Dress Code creates opportunities for individual expression given that students follow some basic universal requirements. It creates an environment where everyone can feel comfortable by disallowing hateful or intolerant dress and removing unnecessary and potentially harmful enforcement. Students will be prepared to enter into the broader world with an understanding and acceptance of different people.

Values: The dress code is implemented consistently, to ensure equal treatment for all students. Staff and other students allow for expression while maintaining dress code standards. The dress code is clear so that it is enforced consistently between various staff members or students. Students are able to wear clothing that they are comfortable with, as long as it meets the basic requirements.

General Guidelines: There are some pieces of clothing that are required for the student body.

  • Shirts, bottoms, and shoes that meet these standards are a requirement at all times.
  • Shirts that have fabric in the front going down to at least the top of the belly button, back, and connect under the arms.
  • Buttocks must be fully covered with opaque fabric no shorter than the upper thigh.
  • Shoes of any variety. There may be cases where shoes can be removed for a specific activity, but they must be put back on as soon as the activity is done.
  • Private areas of the body must be covered with opaque fabric.
  • Undergarments must be covered with exceptions of bra straps and waistbands. 
  • Facial features including the eyes, nose, mouth, and surrounding area must always be visible and displayed in a way that does not make a student unidentifiable.
  • Certain classes and activities may require specific attire. 

Students May Wear: We find it important that some items are specifically allowed. This list is not exhaustive and as long as students comply with the General Guidelines  their attire is acceptable.

  • Shirts including spaghetti straps, strapless tops, tank tops, halter tops, and muscle shirts that meet the basic requirements.
  • Bottoms include holes in jeans and opaque leggings.
  • Religious or cultural headwear and accessories are accepted.
  • Makeup, tattoos, dyed hair. 
  • Earrings, nose rings, navel rings, and any other jewelry or piercings. 
  • Bandanas, bows, or other hair accessories.

Students Cannot Wear:

  • Clothing featuring hate speech targeting race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, health conditions, or other protected groups.
  • Violent images or language.
  • Attire containing profanity.
  • Items that clearly promote any illegal activity. 
  • Items that promote the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Attire that is pornographic or contains nudity.
  • Hats, hoodies with hoods up, or beanies with exceptions for religious, cultural, or medical reasons.