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Middle School Handbook

Values & Philosophy

Our middle grades academic program prepares students for post-secondary success while demonstrating growth and achievement on individual measures. Our curriculum provides opportunities to explore important topics of personal, social, and moral significance. We invite young adolescents to pose and answer questions. We challenge students to address real-world, complex issues that introduce multiple, diverse perspectives. Our electives program provides students with opportunities to pursue what they love while trying something new. Teachers rely on active, purposeful instructional strategies that emphasize students to work with one another and movement within the classroom. We believe that middle school is a time for students to learn about themselves and how they fit into the world around them. Outdoor education and service learning empower students to define their sense of self and to figure out how they can meaningfully contribute to the larger community.  

Our academic program has three navigational stars which guide our approach to all aspects of the middle grades experience: prepare, explore, and empower.

Navigational Stars

Prepare: Middle school students will develop the inter- and intra-personal skills to successfully navigate adolescence while demonstrating growth on individual academic measures.

Explore: Middle school students will explore their strengths and passions through projects, choice, and reflection.

Empower: Middle school students will articulate what drives them, their values and goals, and how they meaningfully contribute to the larger community.

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