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A free PK-12 school of choice located in Westminster, CO

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High School Handbook

Values & Philosophy

The Academy's High School is geared toward building a foundation for lifelong success.
Meaningful engagement in the 21st century workforce increasingly requires some form of postsecondary attainment. Our rigorous course catalog, including a wide range of both Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment offerings, ensures that students are prepared for college.

In addition to college preparation, we help students explore the working world by engaging in meaningful experiences that include direct interaction with professionals from industry and the community. Our internships, work-study options, and entrepreneurship sequence promote learning about work, learning through work, and learning at work.

Imagination, creativity, and expression are also essential elements of a stimulating intellectual life. Our offerings in visual, performing, and technological arts provide students with opportunities to empower their whole selves.

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Prepare: High School students will hone their academic skills in coordination with their intrapersonal, social, and leadership skills in order to prepare for success during and after high school.

Explore: All high school students will create their 4-year academic, elective, and 
extracurricular pathways with an eye on exploring their current passions as well as working to identify new ones.

Empower: High School students will develop their whole self, empowering them to gain control and choice over their life, create long lasting and meaningful relationships with others, and leave The Academy with the confidence to fulfill their life goals.

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