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The Summit

Welcome to the Summit
The Summit is located in the Library Media Center at the Main Campus.  The Summit’s mission is to elevate students’ education through continuous academic, character, life-skill and post secondary planning support throughout their career at The Academy. 
Before and After School Summit
Hours - 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - 7:15 am - 4:30 pm
Wednesday - CLOSED
Junior High Summit
Periods 4 and 5


Junior High Summit! As with any new initiative, we are working to become better at what we do everyday and we appreciate your feedback. Please be patient as we continue to perfect our procedures and systems in order to create a space that is effective for student learning. 


Norms in the Summit:

  • No one allowed in the summit without a signed pass from a classroom teacher.
  • Enter the Summit quietly as you would any classroom.
  • Go straight to your assigned seat-seating charts required.  Students not in their assigned seat when the bell rings will be marked as tardy.
  • Drop-ins will be limited.  Check in with Mrs. Sanchez when you enter.
  • Printing allowed at printing stations only.
  • Two laminated bathroom passes per section (colored by section).  Four laminated group work/tutoring passes (red). Any student asking permission to leave must ask their Summit teacher, not Summit staff.
  • Plug in the chromebooks when you are done using them.
  • You must clean up your space at the end of the period.
  • Closing procedures (Checklist).
    • Chromebooks
    • Cleaning
    • Supplies
    • Take Attendance


Here is the weekly schedule for students in the summit.  






IN: Weekly assignments review & planner update
No recess list posted (Must have missing assignments turned in by Wed-teachers mark as collected in gradebook & strikethrough on spreadsheet)
TH: Study Hall
OUT: Clean up & chromebook check
W.I.L.D. Pull-outs


IN: Weekly assignments review & planner update


TH: Study Hall



  • Recess
  • Interventions
  • Test Retakes
  • Pull-out Groups
Leadership - 7 & 8
OUT: Clean up & chrombook check
W.I.L.D Pull-outs

IN: Weekly assignments review & planner update




TH: Study Hall




OUT: Cleanup & chromebook check


W.I.L.D Pull-outs







IN: Weekly assignments review & planner update








TH:  Recess for students with no missing assignments


Class Meetings

Bi-Weekly in Elem Gym


Grade level meeting for teachers and principal


We currently have the following in place:

  • Study Hall: Daily opportunity for your student to complete homework in a quiet library setting.
  • Testing/RetakesIndividual students will have the opportunity to take or retake assessments during their Summit period. 
  • Math Support
    • Math teacher available for each period to help answer homework questions.
    • Math intervention pull-out 3 days a week for at least 8 weeks for those students needing more intensive support (students are assigned to this based on grades and PSAT scores)
  • Keyboarding Practice
    • Students will be required to complete a set number of keyboarding practice lessons and achieve a certain word per minute by the end of the year. 
    • Differs by grade level.
    • More info to come!


Keep in mind:

  • Your student has access to a computer or a Chromebook throughout Summit.
  • Students can request a pass to get help from any of their core teachers during this time, but the time is somewhat limited and they may have to seek help after school as well.
  • Teachers will use Summit Time to pull groups of students to complete focused study sessions for test retake or extra support. 
  • Other priorities arise such as Principal Talks, Assemblies, Awards Presentations, etc that may disrupt the normal Summit schedule. We will do our best to give students notice so they can adjust their homework priorities.



High School Summit
Coming Soon!

Sanchez , Nan

Business:  3032898088 ext 197



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