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Individual Career and Academic Plans

The Individualized Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is a state mandate intended to help students create and implement a post-secondary plan throughout high school through graduation.The Academy implements ICAP in high school in several ways including individual meetings with students and families, guidance lessons in classrooms, through Naviance Student, and by administering the PSAT/SAT.


    • Individual meetings with students and families occur at minimum once a year.

      • In grades 9-11, counselors meet with students and families to discuss the student’s pathway, credits and grades, and choose courses for the following year that align with the student’s interests and future goals.

      • In 12th grade, counselors meet with students and families in a Senior Meeting to further discuss the student’s post-secondary plans including the college application process.

    • Counselors present topics in the classroom related to college and career plans, which may include completing interest inventories to explore careers and majors, and utilizing tools to explore colleges.

    • Naviance Student is the platform The Academy uses to organize students’ college and career research and data. Each year, students complete different activities in their Naviance Student account to fulfill their ICAP requirements.

      • Examples include:
        • Completing Goals
        • SuperMatch College Search
        • Career Interest Profiler
        • Resume Builder
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