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Front Range Community College

The Academy partners with Front Range Community College. Students will earn both high school and college credit concurrently by earning a C or better grade in their Front Range classes.  This opportunity is available to eligible students grades 9-12.  We recommend most students to take two courses per semester as that fits best within our schedule, although we do allow the opportunity for students to take more.


Benefits include:  Reduced cost/time of 4-year degree, Guaranteed Transfer credit to public in-state 4 year schools, concurrent HS and college credit. 


Front Range Packet



The Academy’s  Minimum Requirements, Guidelines and Policies for attending classes on the FRCC Campus

(Addendum to FRCC Requirements)

  • The FRCC/Academy Concurrent Enrollment program is open to students in grades 9-12. Exceptions must be approved by an administrator and a counselor.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, with no current Ds/Fs while applying.
  • Students must have reliable transportation.
  • Parents/Guardians must agree to program guidelines including fees and books associated with the college. (The Academy pays for tuition only.)
  • Students must complete all processes, materials, advising, and counselor approval of courses by the published deadlines.
    1. These steps must take place each semester prior to enrolling in courses on e-wolf.
  • Students must be enrolled in exactly two classes offered on the Westminster Front Range Campus, and the classes must fall within the hours of The Academy’s school day.
    1. The Academy will pay for two FRCC course per semester.
  • Students will earn 0.25 weighted credit at The Academy per every 1 credit earned at FRCC. (eg. A 3 credit course at FRCC will be worth 0.75 weighted credit at The Academy.)
  • Students must meet all FRCC College Now requirements, and enroll themselves via their e-wolf accounts.
  • Any grade earned in a Front Range course will be reflected on The Academy Transcript as well as the Front Range Transcript, and will contribute to the students’ GPA.
  • Students must earn a C or better at FRCC in order to receive credit at The Academy, and to remain eligible to take FRCC courses in future semesters.
    1. Students who do not pass FRCC courses (earn a C or higher), must reimburse The Academy for the FRCC tuition. (See Promissory Note.)
    2. Students who do not pass FRCC courses (earn a C or higher) may be eligible to re-enroll in FRCC courses after a one-semester probationary period.
Students who failed a FRCC course will remain ineligible to re-enroll until the debt is paid in full.