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Transcript and Letter Of Recommendation request


Students have a new workflow for requesting letters of recommendation in Family Connection.

Letter of Recommendation Features

l  New letters of recommendation page, accessible from the Colleges tab  in Family Connection via a link

l  Students will see the min/max requests allowed for colleges in their Colleges I'm Applying to list

l  Students can select the specific college(s) they  want a specific teacher to write a recommendation

l  Students can select All current  and future colleges I add to my Colleges I'm Applying to list be sent (Students are prevented from requesting more than the max  number of letters of recommendation allowed by the college

l  Students are prevented from requesting more than the max  number of letters of recom- mendation allowed by the college

l  Students will see their requests as well as the current status (Requested, In Progress, Submitted, Cancelled)

l  Students will see submission date and time of each letter of recommendation for each college/university requested

l  Students will see the date/time of each status change, as well as the name of the user who made the change

l  If a student deletes an application, the associated letter of recommendation requests will not be displayed on the LOR status page; if the application is restored, the LOR requests will re- appear in the student's list of requests

l  A daily summary email – which will eliminate the multiple emails coming into recommenders

(teachers) at the time of the recommendation request

Recommendation Status Page

Column Headings




The application associated with the request


The deadline associated with the application, based on when the student indicated she/he is applying


The recommender associated with the request

Column Headings



The status of the LOR request:

l  Requested: Student has requested the letter of recommendation

l  In Progress: Teacher has written the letter of recommendation

l  Submitted: High school faculty member has sent the letter of recommendation to the designated college(s), date and time of submission will be displayed for each college/university

l  Cancelled: Either  the student, teacher, or counselor has cancelled the request

Cancel Request

Students will have the option to cancel a LOR request in the "Requested" state; in any other state the student see messaging to contact their teacher or counselor for help.

To request a letter of recommendation:

  1. From the Colleges tab in Family Connection, students will click on a new link under the My Colleges section, titled Letters of Recommendation.
  2. On the recommendation request page, students will click on the blue Add Request button to submit their requests, one teacher at a time or for all applications.
  3. The student should select a teacher from the drop-down list. It is important to note that teachers will only be available  in this drop-down list if they have been added to Naviance, given a user account, and had the box checked  to appear in this teacher drop-down list. If the teacher is missing from the drop-down list, students should  contact a school staff member.
  4. The student should determine if they want the teacher to write a letter of recommendation for specific colleges on their College's I'm Applying to list or for all current and future colleges they add to their list. Click the Radio button for selection.
  5. Scenario 1: If the student selects Choose specific colleges from your Colleges I'm Applying To list, all colleges show in student's list. The student should check the box for the specific college (s) teacher should write recommendations.
  6. Scenario 2: If the student selects All current and future colleges I add to my Colleges I'm Applying To list, colleges on student's list are not shown. (Selecting this option indicates you want the teacher's recommendation to be submitted to every college you apply).
  7. The student can add a personal note (up to 3000  characters) to the teacher and highlight any important aspects of their applications (such  as first choice schools, early decision applications, intended major or degree of study), that they may  want the teacher to consider when writing a letter of recommendation.
  8. The student should click the Submit Request button at the top or bottom of the screen which returns them to their recommendation status page. At the top of the screen, a green status bar shows the teacher's name and the number of request for the student.
  9. From here, he or she will see the status for all Teacher Recommendations requests that have been made. (All applications or college specific)
Transcript Request for Former Students-
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Transcript Request for Current Students-
Please contact your counselor or Mrs. Picaso to obtain a copy of your current transcript.