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Credit Recovery & Summer School

If a student fails a class that is needed for graduation (see Graduation Requirements), he or she must retake the course via credit recovery.

Please communicate with your student’s counselor to discuss what action is to be taken if a student fails a course.

The Academy has two credit recovery options:

  1. Edgenuity Online Courses
    1. Students will be enrolled in Edgenuity during the school day, and will be expected to complete the course requirements within one semester.
    2. Both the original F and the new grade earned in Edgenuity will appear on the official transcript and will factor into the student’s GPA.
    3. This program is paid for by The Academy, unless a student does not complete or pass the course, in which case the family will be required to reimburse the cost of the tuition.
    4. Priority in this program goes to Seniors.
  1. Summer School
    1. Our summer school program is also run through Edgenuity. Students are expected to come to school to take their exams, but may work on the assignments at home on their own time, and must be completed with the course prior to the beginning of the following school year.
    2. Students and/or their families are responsible to pay $125/course (0.5 credit).
    3. Students may also opt to contact their “home school” (the public high school in which your home falls within the boundaries of) to complete their summer school courses.
      1. Students/families are responsible for covering the costs.
      2. Students/families are responsible for providing a transcript from the high school in which the summer school course was completed, proving completion of the course.
      3. These courses will appear as a pass/fail (students earn the credit toward graduation, but there is no grade to be applied to GPA).