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Parents & Students » Fundraising ~ Big Ask 2021

Fundraising ~ Big Ask 2021


Throughout April, we are setting ourselves a huge fundraising challenge - see below for details! 


ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED (up to $125K) which means ANY small or large donation will DOUBLE its effectiveness to The Academy itself (e.g. $5 donation will be $10 back to us, $100 equates to $200, $1000 = $2000 etc.)


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Payments can easily be made through the E-Funds QR code above, check, cash, or directly through our simplified E-FUNDS donation webpage. Any donations brought in to participate in our Spirit days will also help us towards our goal. All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like more information on the campaign, please click here!


Over the last year, "we're in this together" has become a way of life for all of us. The Academy has faced an unprecedented year in navigating the challenges that have risen throughout. Thankfully, now is the time to start looking forward again! We are setting ourselves a huge fundraising challenge for our community to engage in to help us overcome the financial challenges we face while still supporting the mission and vision of our school.

  • We are launching a fundraising campaign for the month of April starting Monday, April 5th.
  • This will include PK-12 fundraisers throughout the month that every student can participate in.

In addition to a coin drive, our SPIRIT DAY theme will be "making up for lost time" as we celebrate all those events we haven’t had the chance to gather together for over the past year. Payment won’t be required to join in, but any donation however large or small will be gratefully accepted! Notifications will be sent prior to each Spirit day outlining further details:


Month of April: (PK-12) Coin Drive - send all your spare change to your homeroom or pride time teacher.

Thursday, April 8th: (PK-5) Costume Day / (Secondary) Cosplay - wear a costume of your choice to celebrate any event we’ve missed out on!

Thursday, April 15th: Prom Day – help us support our Seniors by wearing your clothes for a special occasion to celebrate an elegant Prom day!

Thursday, April 22nd: (PK-5) 100th - Day Dress like Grandparents / (Secondary) Kid Day - Dress like a kid - dress young/old and reminisce!

Thursday, April 29th: Homecoming & Spirit Wear - show off your ever-present Wildcat spirit!


Each level (PK-2, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th) will get the chance to select ONE of the following tasks for their administration to participate in at the end of our fundraising campaign:  

  1. Tape their administration to the walls outside their office!
  2. Banish their administration to the school roof for a day!
  3. Slime your administration from head to toe!
  4. Make them dress up for a day in any outfit the level chooses! 

Whichever level participates the most over the month of April will get to choose first, leaving the remaining tasks for the next highest participating level and so forth. It will be important therefore to take part in our Spirit days as often as you can!


Please CLICK HERE to find out more about how The Academy wishes to use donations to support our students.