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Health Office

Thank you very much!
The Academy Charter School students may receive medications at school according to the following procedure:
  • Medications are not to be in the personal possession of students.
  • Students must report to the health room to take medications.
  • MAIN CAMPUS- students are allowed to self carry an Epi-pen or Inhalers which are considered emergency meds by state law.  In order to self carry, there is a process which must take place. School must have a doctor's signed medication form which will also need to be signed by the parent. Once we have the signed doctors note there is a contract that must be signed by the doctor, parent, student and delagating school nurse consultant.  At any point if any of the following 3 listed above does not agree with the contract, it will NOT be upheld as well as if the student does not follow the contract he/she has signed it will NOT be upheld.  **The parent handbook is in the process of being updated to coincide with state law**
  • NORTH CAMPUS- student are not be allowed to carry any medications.
  • For all prescription and non-prescription medications, a student’s parent or guardian shall fill out a written request for school personnel to administer medications by providing a completed Medication Administration Authorization form which is to be signed by both parent and physician. A new Authorization form must be signed and submitted for each new medication or each dosage change. Completed forms can be faxed to the school. Authorization forms must be completed each year.
  • There are THREE different medication packets to choose from depending on what type of medication your student needs.  The forms are located on the website in the box to the right, or in the health room.  Please choose the correct packet to meet your child's needs. 
  • If your child has more than one medication, you will need the correct packet for each medication.
  • Medications should always be delivered to the health room staff or office staff by an adult.
  • Prescription medication supplied by the student’s parents or guardian must be in a properly labeled bottle dispensed by a pharmacy.
  • Non-prescription, “as needed” medications supplied by the parent or guardian must be in the original labeled container. The bottle should also be labeled with the student’s name.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to obtain all unused medication from the school when the medication is discontinued or at the of each school year, or if the student transfers to another school. At the end of a school year, school staff will dispose of all unclaimed medications a week after school gets out.
Parents,while at school your student may soil their clothing and need extra clothes at school, please send extra clothes in their backpacks and indicate to your child’s teacher that extra clothes are available. Accidents do happen, especially with the little ones, and having extra clothes will save everyone involved time, money, and energy. If clothes are borrowed from the health office, you will receive a call, indicating what was borrowed. Your quick response and return of clothes will greatly be appreciated and will enable the next student to receive the same care as your child.
How do I contact the Health Aide?
Main Campus- Jenevie Castillo
303-289-8088 ext. 118
Health Room Hours:
7:15 am - 3:45 pm

North Campus - Jena Chmelka
303-289-8088 ext. 502
Health Room Hours:
7:15 am- 3:30 pm
Carly Wofford, RN
There are 3 different medication packets.
Please choose the correct packet(s) for the type of medication(s) your child will need while at school.  

What if my student has Asthma?
What if my student requires an Allergy or Anaphylaxis Plan?
Antibiotics, pain relief, or other prescribed or over the counter medications?

If your student requires medications such as an  inhaler or epi-pen but you do not wish to provide medications to the school.

The Student Health Inventory Form must be completed and returned to the clinic each year for students with any medical condition or taking any medication while at school.
Immunization Information