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School Closure Information

School Closure
The changing seasons remind us that inclement weather can result in school being closed for one or more days.  We all need to plan ahead and be ready in case that happens.
Under all but the most extreme conditions, school officials have a responsibility to keep school in session.  When the weather is bad, but school is open, parents must make a family decision regarding attendance or late arrival for their children.  A personal contact by the parent or a written note to school officials will excuse a students’ late arrival or absence during these conditions.
Occasionally, the weather is severe enough that it is necessary to close schools in all or part.  When this occurs, it is extremely important that working parents have pre-arranged child care available to them.  It is very important that parents make these arrangements now, since the weather is unpredictable and often we are hit with storms early in the school year.
Whenever it is necessary to close schools, the school immediately contacts the following TV stations:
Notices of school closure will also be posted on the front page of The Academy’s website at

Notification is given prior to 6:00 a.m., or as soon as the decision is made to close during the day.  Typically, the media will release information only if schools are closed.  In most cases, no announcement will mean that schools are open.

The Academy’s boundaries are located in the Adams12 School District.  If Adams12 School District is closed, The Academy would be closed.
If it becomes necessary to cancel events exclusive to The Academy, i.e. parent meetings, concerts, or plays, The Academy will send out an e-mail blast to notify families.
2-hour Delayed Start

Why would a delayed start be announced?

A delayed start may be announced if temporary adverse weather conditions exist in the morning, including but not limited to high winds, cold temperatures or unfavorable road conditions for morning rush hour.


A delayed start maximize instructional time with students rather than closing for the entire day; and gives the city additional time to clear roads, sidewalks and parking lots to ensure the safety of our students/staff.


What time will start times be?


Families will add two hours to the start of the school day at every level.

NC – start 7:45 am            delay 9:45 am

MC – start 8:05 am           delay 10:05 am

Secondary – 8:00 am        delay 10:00 am


What if after the two-hour delay, I don’t feel it’s safe to take my child to school?


If schools are open but a parent/guardian feels, based on personal circumstances, that conditions pose a safety concern for their child getting to or from school the parent/guardian can call the school for an excused absence.


How will the 2-hour delayed start be communicated?

·         School website/Facebook/Flyer App

·         Local media outlets

·         Email to parents

Will my child in Pre-K have school?

Morning Pre-K and Cub Care will be canceled. 

Will my child in Kindergarten have school?

Morning half-day and full-day kindergarten will start two hours after the normal time.

Will breakfast be available?


Breakfast will not be available.

What if my child has a Zero-hour class?


Zero-hour classes will be canceled.

How will secondary schedule be?


Secondary schedule will start at 3rd period (Regular or Wednesday block schedule) and continue the rest of the day as usual.


Late-Start Tuesday

2-hour delayed start protocol will not be utilized on Tuesday.  School will either be closed or open.


Will extracurricular activities during the day be affected?


Activities and field trips during the school day, that require transportations, will be canceled; After-school activities will be decided by the school.