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Report an Absence


Parents/guardians must notify the Attendance Office if their student will be absent or will be absent for any reason within 24 hours of the absence.  If not reported within the 24 hours absence will not be excused. Preferred method for reporting an absence/tardy is via email at Or by calling 303-289-8088 for (Main Campus) dial ext. 101 for (North Campus) dial ext. 502 for a 24-hour answering machine to report an absence.  When reporting an absence please leave the following information: Name and phone number of person reporting the absence, student name/grade and reason for the absence. 
The most common form of communicating absences is through the  automated message system. We encourage parents to use their cell phones as the primary contact number for these automated messages.
A letter may be  mail if a student has multiple absences. Parents please refer to (Page 15 of the Student/Parent Handbook) for Missed assignments and Make-Up Work Policy. Parents are encouraged to contact your students teacher(s) regarding missing assignments and make up work. 

Exempt Absences:
● Suspensions (in school or out of school)
● School activity (field trip, school athletic participation, etc.)
● Court mandated appointments or appearances

Excused Absences (with proper documentation):
● A student who is temporarily ill or injured (including medical appointments)
● A student whose absence is approved by the administration
● A student who is absent for an extended period due to physical, mental, or emotional disability

Unexcused Absences:
● Any absence not listed in the above Exempt or Excused Absences categories
● Unexcused absences may be dealt with as a disciplinary issue