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Junior High

Erik Mikulak
Junior High Principal
Brandon Laird
Junior High Assistant Principal (6-8)
Junior High
Administrative Assistant
Junior High Counselor

To schedule an appointment, please contact Teri Caswell, Administrative Assistant to Junior High Principal, at 303-289-8088 ext 204.

ICAPs (Individualized Career and Academic Plans)

At The Academy, all 7th and 8th grade students will acquire an online account via Naviance – Family Connection, a website to explore college and career readiness). ICAPs contain information for junior high and high school students to create a personal vision for the world of work through career explorations and post-secondary education lessons.  This website is accessible from school and home, so parents, teachers, and their academic advisor can collaboratively work with students to discuss future opportunities in education courses and the world of work. Family Connection has various self-discovery exercises for students to develop academic, extracurricular, and even potential career goals. The Academy strives to link student’s current educational experience to their post-secondary plans, and ultimately visions of their future. ICAPs will be one conduit in which this is achieved for our students.


To ensure safety and to accurately identify persons in the building, all junior high and high school students are expected to display official student identification at all times during the academic day per the following guidelines (except in physical education classes or other environments where such display would present a temporary safety hazard).

  • Procedures
  • Every student is issued one free ID and lanyard.
  • Replacement ID - $5.00. Replacement lanyard - $2.00.
  • Students may receive three (3) temporary IDs in a semester without consequence.
  • All IDs need to be on and visible by the start of 0 hour or 1st hour and remain visible throughout the school day.
  • A student forgetting his/her ID should obtain a temporary ID from student’s 0 hour or 1st hour teacher.
  • Temporary ID must be worn on the outermost garment above the waists.


After obtaining the third (3) temporary ID, the student will be required to purchase a new ID.  Should the issuance of temporary IDs or the repeated purchase of new IDs fail to bring the student into compliance with this policy, the student will be referred to the Dean’s office and will be subject to discipline for defiance.


  • Required Expectations
  • ID needs to be worn on a lanyard, around the neck, on the outside of an individual’s outermost garment.
  • ID needs to remain free from graffiti, stickers, and other alterations.
  • ID needs to be worn in the building between 6:45 am – 3:45 pm.
  • Teachers will direct students on modifications regarding this expectation if it is warranted by an instructional activity.
  • During after hour activities, students are not required to visibly war their ID, but should have it in their possession.


Consequences if ID is not properly worn:

1st Offense: Warning

2nd Offense: Parent Contact

3rd Offense: Referral for Defiance and detention

4th Offense: Suspension