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Enjoy your Summer Break!  See you back in the Fall.
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Ms. Suzie Galbraith
Elementary Principal, North Campus (Grades K-2)
303.289.8088 x548
Ms. Jessica Warner
Assistant Principal, North Campus (Grades K-2)
303.289.8088 x555
Mrs. Sarah Gramarossa
Elementary Principal, Main Campus (Grades 3-5)
303.289.8088 x171
Mr. Jose Perales
Assistant Principal, Main Campus (Grades 3-5)
303.289.8088 x186 
Mrs. Leigh Florita
Elementary Principal, Main Campus (Grade 6)
303.289.8088 x172
Mr. Brandon Laird
Assistant Principal, Main Campus (Grades 6-8)
303.289.8088 x218
To schedule an appointment with Ms. Galbraith, please contact Robin Edmonds at extension 524.

To schedule an appointment with  Mrs. Gramarossa, please contact Susan Wagar at extension 168.
To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Florita, please contact Susan Wagar at extension 168.
In 2011 we opened an additional Elementary campus.  The North Campus, located at 12161 Park Centre Drive in Westminster, is just a short drive from our Main Campus. The North Campus houses our Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students.  The Main Campus has 3rd - 6th grade elementary students as well as Jr. High and High School.

Academy Elementary  School (Kindergarten-6th Grade)
The Elementary program at The Academy is an exacting agenda consisting of phonics, reading, spelling, writing, math, social studies, and science. Our curriculum is highly academic, including Wonders Balanced Literacy, enVision 2.0 math, and Accelerated Reader.

In addition to the above curriculum, students in K-5 have additional time in science, music, art, physical education, and technology.  Students in 5th grade may choose between general music, band, and orchestra.  To further enhance the learning experience field trips are taken at all grade levels.
Sixth grade students operate on a secondary-type schedule changing classes for Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Each of these core courses is designed to meet students where they are and to help them excel in their classes.  Sixth grade students take electives in the areas of art, technology, foreign language, and music.

All elementary students wear uniforms made up of specific items and colors. Our students look orderly, and the choice of color and style provides for individual preferences.  High behavior expectations are set for our students as well.  Every effort will be made to work with a student with behavior issues, but consistently poor behavior will not be tolerated.  Para-professionals assist students and teachers at every level. 

The Academy is a popular and highly sought after school in the community. We are proud of our teachers, staff, parents, and students who make up our school family as well as our beautiful buildings!