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JR High Summer School

May 10, 2018

To All Academy Junior High Families (Grades 6, 7, & 8):

You are receiving this letter to provide you with information about the Academy’s upcoming Jr. High summer school.  We will be notifying you at a later date if your child should (or must) take a summer school course based on their grades and teacher recommendations.

What: Jr. High Summer School open to grades 6-8

When: 3 Weeks for 3 days each (M/T/W), June 4-June 20

Reading/Writing 8:00-11:00 (Taught by Mr. Dan Dalton, Room 124)

Math 7 ( Pre-Algebra):  11:30-2:30 (Taught by Ms. Emily Hart, Room 208)

Algebra I:  (TBD)

Where: The Academy Main Campus (Enter through East Doors)

Who: Anyone not passing all of their core classes; anyone wanting to avoid the “summer slump” and not backslide in their skills; or anyone who would like to advance in their skills to be ready for the next level of math.

Cost: $150 per course

These classes are designed to build literacy and math skills or to retake a failed math class so that students can continue with the next level course.  Classes at this level are not for credit.  Students who fail classes at the Jr. High level many times struggle with the skills necessary to be successful in various content areas and, therefore, need to build up or keep up those skills over the summer.  Students will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully meeting the course requirements. Students passing a math course will be recommended to the next level of math for the upcoming school year.

For reading, they will use the Successful Reader program from Renaissance Learning, which has students read along with an audiobook while the teacher does think-alouds and focuses on various reading skills through the use of a workbook that accompanies the book. The students will continue with the writing program they’ve been using during the year called “Write From the Beginning . . .  and Beyond,” which helps them properly organize and structure their writing and create strong reasons and clarifications to support their claims.  

We will be offering one math course: Math 7 Accelerated (formerly Pre-Algebra), which will be offered to current 6th grade students who would like to advance to Algebra.

Students will not receive a traditional grade or report card for either course, but rather a certificate of completion, along with reports of their before and after scores. For those taking both courses there will be a half hour break between sessions where kids may go outside for some movement, fresh air, and a snack/lunch.  Please be sure to send a snack/lunch and water bottle with your child so that they can maintain their focus through the morning.  

Each course is priced at $150, for a total of $300 if the student is taking both courses. Courses can be paid for by check, cash, or money order to the school. Classes must be paid for before beginning the course. You may also call the finance office at ext 110 to pay by credit card.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me at or 303-289-8088.  


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Leigh N. Florita, Jr. High Principal