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A free PK-12 school of choice located in Westminster, CO

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

As a public charter school, The Academy believes there is a social and moral obligation to serve our full community and ensure that every child succeeds.

We recognize that our community is diverse and so are the needs and aspirations of the students and families we serve. Embracing the impact of this reality on our work not only helps us remain relevant, meaningful, and effective but also ensures that we are doing so in a way that thoughtfully engages and includes individuals and communities who have been historically excluded.

In order to collectively reach this vision, we must create a culture of equity and build trust within our community. Furthermore, we believe a diverse, inclusive, and equitable school community is critical for preparing students to participate in a complex, pluralistic, and interconnected society. We are committed to confronting our own biases and operationalizing our values. We challenge ourselves to regularly evaluate and refine curricula, policies, and practices as well as to commit the appropriate resources to ensure we embody these beliefs every day.

Students throwing their hats in the air during a graduation ceremony

Culturally Responsive Education

The Academy believes that to effectively teach the student we must also reach the person. People cannot be separated from their cultural context, making it essential for educators to recognize the identities and experiences of all students. Culturally responsive education includes students' cultural references in all aspects of learning, enriching classroom experiences, and keeping students engaged. We all live in this world and cannot completely leave that world behind when we walk through the classroom door. With that in mind, we strive to provide a thoughtful and respectful educational experience that provides a safe space for everyone to address real-world issues in a way that acknowledges diverse viewpoints without pushing a single set of ideas.