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Annual Impact Report


To inform our community and celebrate our success, The Academy develops an Annual Impact Report each summer that details our yearly progress toward realizing the vision outlined in our Strategic Plan.The Academy’s 5-Year Strategic Plan was developed in collaboration with the Board of Directors, senior administration, committee members, and staff leaders. Learn more about our Strategic Plan by clicking the button to the right. Continue reading below to hear about the progress we made over the past year.

Strategic Plan

At the start of the 2021-22 school year, we released our new 5-Year Strategic Plan. Click the link below to read more.

Download the Plan

Our Vision


This graphic illustrates the application of The Academy's three Navigational Stars

Our approach to vertically aligning the full educational experience for our students from youngest to oldest centers around three notions – Prepare, Explore, and Empower – that keep us grounded in The Academy’s mission and vision as we set priorities and make decisions that impact instruction and school culture.

Our Progress

The Academy's Board of Directors and Senior Admin Team track the school's progress toward key strategic goals using a scorecard for each of our Strategic Plan categories: Instruction, Culture, Finance, and Operations. Learn more about our accomplishments in these areas by opening the accordion menu below.

Scorecard Explainer

Highlight on Prepare: Senior Class of 2023

All students develop the academic skills needed to prepare for lifelong success

The Academy's mission is to prepare students to become college ready, exemplary citizens. Our graduating class of 2023 is an inspiring example of that mission made reality. This group of students includes so many interesting, engaging, and impressive individuals who will go on to do amazing things with their lives. Their graduation from high school is the culmination of years of preparation, exploration, and empowerment at The Academy  - for some since they started with us all the way back in kindergarten. We are so proud of our graduates!

Graduating Senior

Preparing the Class of 2023 for College

  • 69 students took classes at Front Range Community College while in high school
  • 74% of seniors were accepted to a 4-year or a 2-year institution
  • 1 senior was accepted into military service
  • The Class of 2023 was collectively awarded $1.9 million in college scholarships
  • 3 seniors were awarded full scholarships
  • 9 students received offers to compete in collegiate athletics


Wildcat Alumni Were Accepted to the Following Schools

Highlight on Explore: Performing Arts

All students explore their strengths and passions through real-world learning

Imagination, creativity, and expression are essential elements of a stimulating intellectual life. The Academy helps students recognize the intrinsic value of The Arts while engaging in work that brings a sense of accomplishment and pride through creating something meaningful. The process of creating, performing, and responding serves as a mirror to teach us about ourselves while at the same time giving us the ability to project who we are to the world. 

Academy Students at the Colorado All-State Band Competition

Performing Arts Accomplishments in 2023

  • The Wind Ensemble ranked in the top 15 among all Colorado high schools.
  • Two Jazz Choir students earned All-State honors.
  • Academy student singers performed the national anthem at a CU Buffs basketball game.
  • Participation in The Academy's Orchestra grew to 130 students.
  • More than 40 middle and high school students participated in the Fall Play.
  • Over 100 students across elementary, middle, and high school performed in the Matilda Jr. musical.

Highlight on Empower: Elementary Student Supports

Picture students working in groups and having intriguing intellectual discussions about topics that are relevant and interesting to them. Although the classroom population includes a great diversity of backgrounds, experiences, languages, and cognitive abilities, each child is contributing meaningfully to the conversation and you can see their authentic engagement through their animated faces.

Inclusion coupled with high expectations is at the heart of The Academy’s approach to supporting diverse learning needs. The Academy has a strong staff of experienced learning support specialists who work hard to implement a high quality multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) with the core belief that all children can succeed.

Students Participating in Small Group Reading Practice

The Academy's Elementary Student Support staff includes:

  • Four Special Education Teachers, a Speech-Language Pathologist, and an Occupational Therapist;
  • A School Counselor, a Social-Emotional Learning Specialist, and a School Psychologist;
  • Two English Language Development Teachers;
  • Four licensed Interventionists;
  • Five Instructional Paraprofessionals; and
  • Eight Teacher's Aides.

During the 2022-23 School Year, The Elementary Student Support Staff Developed and Implemented the Following Supports:

  • 86 literacy development plans in compliance with Colorado's READ Act;
  • 111 reading and math intervention plans;
  • 50 English language learner plans;
  • 109 special education plans;
  • 30 behavior support plans;
  • 42 advanced learning plans; and
  • 51 reading and math enrichment plans.

Thank you for reading the 2022-2023 Impact Report!

The Academy is committed to sharing our progress and celebrating our success on an annual basis. We look forward to keeping our community informed next year and beyond, please stay tuned for future updates. In the meantime, Go Wildcats!